Half the people there were paid to attend, for sure

She said she wishes she could be in control of who’s attracted to her. Thing is, the dog never did eat the stuff so it sat in the garage for ten years. Basically this boils down to a total lack of respect but it’s hard to say that it’s conscious in any way. We had the same argument about whether to leave the water running, every year. It never has been quiet enough before to hear that noise, how freaky! My big computer problem was solved by scrolling down. She called me up just to say “I have hips”!

We’re told all our lives that we’re made for sex. All I want is one good 24 hours. The guy escaped two revolutions and cancer, he can probably handle your HR issues. He’s supposed to be dead too, but he refused. Fuck you very much for reminding me about “Small Wonder”!

If you can’t put it into words no one will know what you’re about. Back then both of us wanted everything in the Sharper Image catalog.

Whenever I say something uncomfortable it just goes into a black hole. That’s how I know I’ve made a mistake, just not what kind really.

That isn’t a job; who’s he think he’s kidding?

2 thoughts on “Half the people there were paid to attend, for sure

    There’s a good bit on one of the “Family Guy” commentary tracks where Seth Green says he tested for “Small Wonder” (for the brother) and wasn’t chosen. Seth MacFarlane likens this close call to when he missed being on ill-fated American Airlines Flight 11.
    If you’ve ever bothered to look up this information (and I have, years ago), you’ll see that hardly anyone involved has a career after that show.

  2. I’m not sure if it’s lame to say this or not, but your livejournal is frequently like a novel I would really like to read. Could you quit your job and write now? I would really like to read that book.

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