In the crosshairs

I’d like to show this to all those gun nut/militia types who want an assault rifle to protect them from “The Government”.

This is what it looks like when “The Government” comes to get you. Your camouflage hat and tricked-out AK will not help you.

8 thoughts on “In the crosshairs

  1. Large calibre weapons disassemble humans. Especially rapid fire ones. It’s worth pointing out that that Kevlar vest isn’t going to help much either.
    It has always struck me that militia fanatics are really arming themselves against police, and not the Government. Which frankly I find a more frightening objective.

  2. I used to go rafting on the John Day river, and twice a day the Oregon Air Guard goes ripping up the canyon in F-14’s. It always made me glad I wasn’t ever going to be on the receiving end.

  3. I think one of the things that bothers me deeply about this is the lack of context and follow up. Why was the Apache there? What did the tube turn out to be? Did anyone even check? Someone needs to be down there asking the essential question: WTF? So as it stands the video imagery is just a shocking display of force without any good information about the rationale or the result. Besides the corpses, I mean — that part of the result is obvious.

    1. I think there’s not much followup because this video isn’t supposed to be public in the first place. It was obviously some kind of illicit leak, and I don’t really think the pentagon is going to follow that up with the complete combat reports from the encounter.
      I’m not saying I really trust the US military or anything, but I get the feeling from what I’ve read that they keep pretty good track of what goes on with this kind of thing. They just don’t make it public until well after the fact.

      1. I guess what I was trying to get at is not that I expect context or even that whoever supplied the images should also supply context and follow up. Rather what I mean is that it’s highly distressing that such a powerful image should come with no context. It generates a great deal of adrenaline and angst and yet it tells us almost nothing. In a way I think it is a powerful piece of art — I have to question all kinds of things if I watch it with any serious intent, and it offers no real answers. But the questions are good.

  4. and! and! and!
    Why is it that said gun nuts are often in favor of military buildups? If they fear government coercion, that’s kind of backwards.
    And what do you mean by the government? We underfund our army, precisely so that a lone NO FEAR cap guy can retake Saskatoon.

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