Oh, and while we’re on the subject of Sex Disasters

From the other end of the spectrum, we have Model Quality Introduction, who advertise locally here. I specially like their “How MQI Works” page, which states:

“How MQI Works
MQI encourages its massive database of women to approach other gorgeous women with sweet personalities at parties, Ivy League functions, restaurants, beauty pageants, charity events, and even the Playboy Mansion. Our beautiful woman can approach other beautiful woman and talk about men without it being threatening to them. We approach only the most gorgeous women at a particular event. We offer them the rare opportunity to meet our men who are attractive, high caliber, educated, and commitment minded. In return for our service, we ask these ladies to work for us by trading us their girlfriends’ referrals for our male client referrals.

Our database grows exponentially since one beautiful woman refers 2, and 2 refer 4, and 4 refer 8, and 8 refer 16, etc… This way, we will always have more ladies than men. It’s a privilege for a lady to be added to our registry so we ask them to share our information with other beautiful women and get them excited about meeting you. MQI levels the playing field and allows winners to meet winners.

As women are always referring exceptional women, and our gentlemen are always referring their friends and business partners, neither database will ever run low on talent.”


”MQI allows men to outsource the hassle of finding, calling, screening, and dating women to us. We speed up the process and eliminate those that will not work and focus upon those who will. After the initial date, if the chemistry is mutual, you can start a relationship then and there.”


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    1. My association
      My good friend Larry Simon had this to say after working at the local CBS affiliate for a while: “In television, we refer to the actors and actresses as ‘talent’ regardless of gender or actual level of talent.”

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