not dead yet

The Anti-Death Project is going well. I’m down to 242 lbs and didn’t gain anything during the usually fat-filled “holidays”. I feel a lot better, too. 20 pounds makes a huge difference in one’s day-to-day health.

And then there’s this good news: YEY!!!

Pull me another double, barista.

11 thoughts on “not dead yet

  1. dude!
    When is it going to be time for you to get extreme? I mean, EXTREME!!!
    And I don’t mean the ROCK N ROLL band either!
    Then, soon, all you’ll need is a clear gel antiperspirant that doesn’t slow you down…

    1. Re: dude!
      Ok, this is really sad, but I like to share. My anti-perspirant is Old Spice High Endurance. Its red. I am waiting for the Type S. Its sponsored by Brian Urlacher…yeah.

  2. Congrats on the weight loss! I’ve stopped banging my head against the wall on that one, but maybe someday 🙂
    And when I heard about the coffee thing, I was so thrilled I brewed a pot I didn’t even want ;D

    1. Are you free Tuesday?
      Remember: the plant is your friend. Caring for a little girl will only lead to badness.
      Mr. Substitute, that picture of you checking the danger danger is awfully reminiscent of what I’m like at D.

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