referer logs don’t lie

I’m amused to find that I am in the friends groups of various people entitled:


9 thoughts on “referer logs don’t lie

  1. I do LJ support, which means I have to watch a good 20+ communities, many of which post 5 or more times a day. So, I filter my friends list into ‘support_comms’ and ‘non_support’.
    This also allows me to ignore support for a week should I need to/choose to. 😉

  2. The fact that you are in my “Default” group does not readily appear in web referrer logs (well, I guess it is implied by the lack of group name). You are also in my “Mobile” groups and my “OldDefault” group–which was used to try to split the Default group apart into “people and communities I have the bandwidth and screen real estate to view on the laptop” v. “people I want to view on the tiny screen and decreased bandwidth of the PDA.”

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