Worst Holiday Specials

Add to the list as you see (in)appropriate:

Amahl and the Night Soil
The Littlest Retrovirus
Blue Velvet on Ice!
Hooters’ Hotties for the Holidays
You’re Ugly, Hated, and Poor, Charlie Brown!
R. Kelly’s Kwanzaa Karnival for Kids
Skinheads in Toyland
MTV Presents: It’s a Linkin Park Christmas

10 thoughts on “Worst Holiday Specials

  1. The Metzger Family Choir presents It’s A White Christmas
    It Wasn’t In December, Paganist [sponsored by Watchtower Press]
    Holiday Cabin Stories with Tom of Finland
    O Lebensraum: The History Channel Looks at Christmas
    That One With The Freak Deer Who Busted Out All Crazy An’ Shit
    Stocking Stuffers: The Advocate’s Top 10 Holiday Treats

  2. okay more
    J. Frumpington Poof’s Sissyfied Caroling Variety Hour
    ‘Twas The Night Before Go-Live
    Local Access Cable’s “Last Chance At Life” Christmas Eve Suicide Hotline (Hosted By Crazy Yelling Eddie)
    Jolly Ol’ Saint Dick [Pay-per-view]
    TBN Presents: The Goldenest, Giltedest Stage You’ve Ever Seen
    Who Cares, ABC Is Running That One With The BB Gun All Goddamned Day

  3. George the Brown Nosed Christmas Bush
    A Very Hilton Gang Bang Xmas
    How Nicole Richie’s Fat Ass Ate Christmas
    Frosty The Basehead
    I Saw Daddy Fellating Santa Claus
    Saint Nick Meets Napoleon the Elf in Backdoor Candy Canes 3

  4. I Caught Mommy Kissing Santa Claus — Using a Mantrap to Ensure Marital Fidelity
    Santa On the Island Of Broken Down Waitresses
    How The Shrimp Stole Christmas
    The Little Drummer Goy — Buddy Rich in Bethlehem
    The Gift of the Magi (Nabokov version)
    A Tree Decorated by No Human Hand — A Charles Dexter Ward Christmas
    Who Moved My Sleigh?

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