You can also mix the red and white to get rosé!

An article in the WSJ covered nutritional content of alcoholic beverages today. Good article, actually, with some surprising results (Guinness has less carbs than bad American beers like Budweiser, for example).

However, this gem of modern idiocy was included:

Jayde Feinstein, a 22-year-old office manager in Los Angeles, dilutes the cranberry juice in her cranberry and vodka with a little water to limit her sugar and carbs. She also dilutes red wine with sparkling water to make sparkling wine. “It’s a brilliant way to minimize the carbs, but still get the same flavor you desire.”

Jayde? No.

10 thoughts on “You can also mix the red and white to get rosé!

  1. helpful dieting hints:
    1) change to a 3-letter monosyllabic name, or at least drop the superfluous ‘y’.
    2) stop drinking
    3) eat less
    4) eat better
    5) excercise.
    6) stfu.

  2. I am living testament to the success of maintaining a svelte physique by changing from sugared to diet soda.
    Rock on, Jayde, but try not to shake your head too quickly. Never know where some of those rocks might end up.

  3. I like to dilute my carb-laden morning pancakes with cheap hamburger meat, myself. I find the leftover fats and juices are great for cooking FREEDOM toast. Also, if you use them real quick before they solidify, they make a good milk substitute in Carnation Instant Breakfast.

  4. The reason why Guinness has fewer carbs than Buttweiser is because.. well, Bud would be completely undrinkable if it wasn’t for the undigested sugars left over from the brewing process. They hasten the brew process, leaving sugars behind before the yeast turns all of it into alcohol, then they distill their beer further to alter the alcohol content to the ~~ 5% alcohol level they shoot for.
    Life is too short for shitty beer. For God’s sake, man.. if you’re gonna drink mass-produced, at least drink Samuel Adams or Coors, beer made by people that actually try to make real beer (with the latter often failing, but they get an A for effort.. but I’m not a light fan (light as in: light-colored beers, not “Lite”), so Coors strikes out).
    Any rate, enough comments from the alcohol snob over here.

    1. oh, man, there are a lot of great light beers(not lite). Pilsners, ales, lagers, the list goes on. There’s definitely a place for each style, but I’d be hard pressed to just eliminate an entire class.

      1. I guess wheat beers aren’t that bad.
        it’s just really hard for me to get excited about pilsners. Give me good stout, however.. and I’m a happy guy.

      2. As long as the temp is under 80 degrees, I’ll agree with that sentiment. 😉
        Pilsners are a tough one – they don’t bottle well, for the most part. Fairly young, and casked, however, yum.

  5. perhaps “jayde” should mix a bit of sodium cyanide in with her sparkling wine to give it that nice almondy no-carb zip. i’ll spring for the cyanide. anybody wanna chip in?

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