Seriously booking my tickets here

Courtesy mendel:

Eat your heart out, Madonna Inn: Kingston, Ontario’s Best Western is even worse.

I’d like to bring a really inappropriate date to the “Suzie Wong” room. It’s got to be either bruisedhips or fattmike I think.

Of course for “Tranquility Base” it’d have to be realitylost. WE HAVE IGNITION BABY!!1!

4 thoughts on “Seriously booking my tickets here

  1. Madonna’s not so bad
    As someone who staye at Madonna, (the inn, not the pop star) I have to say I had a great time. The restaurant is even cheesier than the rooms, but the free range cattle makes for awesome steak. The place iss truly an experience. Next time I am staying in one of those damn caveman rooms too! (first and only time, we stayed at Just Heaven and they sent us up a free bottle of bubbly)

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