“I am typing at you in the attic”, says eyeteeth

Consumerism! I purchased an iPod. They were 10% off but still way too expensive. However I am a consumer whore (and how). I love it already. I am stuffing it with music.

Dissolute sloth! I sat around on the patio at D’s playing with my iPod and gabbling with friends, for hours and hours.

Gluttony! I made spicy chicken/sweet pepper/almond stirfry and green beans with dill and olive oil. So good. I also ate these things.

Frippery and frosting! I went to realitylost‘s house with hensatc and bruisedhips and we watched a thoroughly unnecessary movie entitled “How to lose a guy in 10 days”. It was basically an updated version of “Sex and the single girl”. You could recite the lines along with the actors so we did. Also: least convincing Knicks game ever. Also: least convincing New York Magazine Editors ever. Also: Kate Hudson is pretty but she’s no Natalie Wood. I think Susie was watching this movie in order to hone her skills at ripping guys’ hearts out.

Lawbreaking! I then went for a nice drive down Coast Highway and a smoke, enjoying a Drew Estates Acid Stick (it’s just a small cigar) and then coming back up, at which point I was immediately pulled over by Laguna Beach’s finest and popped for an illegal U-Turn by a very polite and pleasant officer. Hello, traffic school.

Recidivism! I was then pulled over literally 2 minutes later by another cop, who was trying to find drunks. I explained that I wasn’t drunk and that Officer Paxton had just nailed me for the U-Turn. He said “Yeah, Paxton would have got you. Have a better night, sir.”

SHEER BLOODY-MINDED DRUNKENNESS! I am now going to enjoy some whisky with my iPod and some Beethoven Late Quartets.

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