Punk sleeper

I wonder why the Big Boys never got any respect? In the middle of the whole mid 80s Husker Du/Replacements/Minutemen/Meat Puppets punksplosion that I loved so much, they were as good as any of that crowd. Great hardcore punk, a lot of soul, style mixing, and tremendous heart. I just got both of their comp cds (The Skinny Elvis and The Fat Elvis) which makes me very happy.

I always thought one of the greatest things about punk rock was that “no genre, no style, no boundary” thing where you could smash the barriers down and do what you wanted. They did that really beautifully.

Any other candidates for “how the fuck did we miss that?” artists?

2 thoughts on “Punk sleeper

  1. Ahh, the Big Boys
    I’ve wanted to get those two comps for a while. Never heard them on the radio (and Boston college radio is pretty darned good), but they made an impression. Hmm. actually, I played them on my own radio show from time to time, but I never managed to track down any of their stuff.

  2. Now is the time
    Now is the time I’d love to pull out some obscure band from that era. Because I was there, man! I remember bands like SNFU (heck, I openned for them), Dan, Gray Matter. But SNFU is still around, and the others weren’t all that great. Nowadays I crave Black Flag, Circle Jerks or NOFX. But maybe, just maybe you haven’t heard of NoMeansNo? (SEX MAD. SMALL PARTS ISOLATED AND DISTROYED) Or Alice Donut? (BUCKETFULS OF SICKNESS AND HORROR IN AN OTHERWISE MEANINGLESS LIFE)
    Have you heard of Les Portemanteau, BĂ©rurier Noir? Parrabellum? Probably not, as they are French punk bands.

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