Little girls dancing, dancing, dancing for gold

This Holiday Season, I am going to try to be more and more like John Tesh every day. It will be my spiritual meditation, and my gift to my friends.

John is a man of God, a genius of the New Age music, and my favorite television host ever.

A friend of mine worked for him once. One day, they were setting up for one of his big shows and everything broke, and all the technical people were very frustrated, and John was very frustrated with them! Although John is a tremendous human, he is a flawed sinner too! And he became very upset and used harsh words and loud voice with them, and was quite rude. Then his Higher Self became aware and he was apologetic and tried to make it up to them. He called them together and said something like:

“Guys, I’m sorry I blew up there. We were all frustrated and I shouldn’t take it out on you. And you know..” [dramatic pause] ..”despite all my rage, I’m still just a rat in a cage.”

Also, he made my friend play air French horn on stage once which was an ennobling gesture.

Couldn’t we all use a little Tesh in us, this Holiday Season?

7 thoughts on “Little girls dancing, dancing, dancing for gold

  1. yesh!
    I, for one, applaud your efforts to be a better man, one who more closely resembles the great Tesh himself. He has much to teach us.
    You forgot to mention his hair. His beautiful, beautiful hair.

    1. Re: yesh!
      I, too, am thankful for the Hair of the Tesh, for it covers the Forehead of the Tesh, which is so massive and high that one might be blinded by its glory were one to see the true height and breadth of it.
      I think my first move in becoming-Tesh will be to find a soap opera star and marry them. Any suggestions?

  2. And God said, Let There Be Tesh. Blessed be the Teshmakers. Tesh not, lest Ye be Teshed. Dude, you’ve got a little Tesh on your shoe.
    He’s formidable, and his ability to win the heart of former “Greatest American Hero” star Connie Selleca is impressive, but for facial hair and sheer mystical impenetrability, he’s no Yanni.
    I’ve never been right in the head since I saw Tesh on Conan O’Brien several years back playing Black Sabbath’s “Paranoid” with Dweezil and Ahmet Zappa.

  3. Current music: Black Flag – Six Pack
    35 dollars and a six pack to my name
    Spent the rest on beer so who’s to blame
    Sorry. What was the question again?

  4. zappa
    on some random late nite show years ago, i witnessed john tesh, with one of those keyboard/guitar type things, accompanied by two of the zappa boys covering iron man.

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