8 thoughts on “SKREEEEEEEEEE

    1. Oh yes. Also featuring a young George Kennedy, IIRC.
      But it’s nothing compared to The Tingler. When are they going to remake *that* like they did with House on Haunted Hill? Huh??? I want to know, so I can not go see it. (unless it looks really funny)

      1. I love the Tingler ( scream…scream for your lives!!) but I put Homicidal right next to it for Wm. Castle hilarity and the single stupidest , easiest to see plot “twist” in movie history

  1. I saw that movie when I was eight or so, during the whole Tarzan/Godzilla/Little Rascals/Old Movies Sunday morning thing they’d have on the local UHF station back then.
    Drag queens love this movie too.

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