morning observation

A good cup of coffee, made from beans so fresh and oily that they stained the container, excuses much, even when the Gods of Chaos appear to be firmly in charge of the Universe.

Bottoms up from Newport Beach, CA with my hot steaming cup of Yemen Mocca. What’re you drinking?

19 thoughts on “morning observation

  1. I’m drinking a french roast so dark I’m pretty sure my teeth will be dirt-colored by the time I’m done.
    Good lord, I’m TIRED. Why must I work? Why?

    1. hey, i’ve done that before
      I once even considered dumping tabasco in some really bad coffee to see if it would be kinda Aztec style. It’s a bad scene when you need the caffeine, yo. Shit I just rhymed.

  2. A cup of the “Hawaiian Hazlnut”-flavored coffee we get special and brew in the accounting department because it tastes slightly better than the dead-shoe brew they serve in the cafeteria.

  3. Mexico. Cheap and delicious.
    At some point I intend to have actual Mexican coffee. My uncle insisted it was the best cup one could ever have, mainly because they roast the beans with sugar or something.

    1. Re: hurr durr
      straight up. everyone knows what years of coffee drinking will do to a man.
      so i start my mornings with a nice cold mountain dew.

  4. nothing yet, but probably a coke, very soon. if i weren’t down with a chest cold i’d haul my fat ass down to Progressive Grounds for a cafe mocha, but that means wheezing my way back up the major hill, so not today.

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