along the riverrun

Bang again it’s here, shortly or never, I told him it was his business or mine and that was that. Have to say I can’t enjoy it. Working here, working at a tow yard, working at a refinery. It’s what God puts in your heart that you have to hear, and that voice speaks loudly to the anointed. Drove here from Florida in the Lumina, spent $135 on gas, and I’m going back. Woohoo-ah! Palm PILOT! That’s what I would call a storm, and I felt like I was somewhere else or back home, back home you know, back home that’s what we’d call some thunder. Indian takeout! She’s in some dumb competition with me about the boy behind the counter, won’t let it go. Why isn’t he home humping her, anyway? Not the Doheny in L.A. but the one in Capistrano beach but yeah right you can’t park on either one to save your life. He said the ride on the thing was bumpy and I said Christ man we’re driving on the shoulder. If I don’t sell 20 cars a month I’m not surviving. We called him ad-boy because he’d only push what was in the ad. Am I ravished yet? The guy thinks he’s the shit because he has an office with a door. All of your videos have a length of 0. The asian pears have a lot of texture, people like the texture more than the flavor, try one, the texture, it’s just sort of crisp. I was hiking up in the mountains when it hit and it was snowing so hard we couldn’t, you know, we couldn’t even make it back to the car, not even with a headlamp. She wanted infrared film and I said what for and it was something about the electric company, they were poisoning her through the outlet, and she wanted to catch it, at night, you know, just this one outlet.

Hurry up please its time

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