In Soviet Russia, bank borrow from you!

While browsing the Trojan Games site (not safe for work) I saw an ad for a Romanian bank:

I know things are kind of primitive there, but is Andy Kaufman writing their ads?

8 thoughts on “In Soviet Russia, bank borrow from you!

  1. A Close Reading

    As you say, it’s a novel (and therefore marketable) concept to keep one’s money in a bank. or…
    It’s just the next level up in hyper-deadpan/ironic advertising copy, i.e., telling you something this obvious is just a big joke that the advertiser and the audience are both on in. You’ll be laughing all the way to the bank ! HAW ! HAW !

  2. Banks, in most other countries, are not insured, and therefore if they go under, which they regularly do, your money goes with them, so a great many people simply don’t use them.
    There was actually a very similar situation/campaign, in the US, in the 30’s and 40’s following the depression, and formation of the FDIC.

    1. Sure, and it’s even worse in the eastern bloc, where banks are basically run by criminals who take the money and run. The ad just hit my absurdist bone.

      1. Yeah, Romania’s a weird country. I have a relative there, and she says that it’s really going down-hill fast – about to collapse, really. It’s going to be an ugly few years, in the Eastern Bloc.

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