my political compass (we don’t HAVE a Lord!)

About what I expected:

As usual I’m left but too moderate and pragmatic to be *really* left. And really I want to be left *alone* so I score fairly close to libertarian, although I never thought that was workable, plus the libertarians I’ve known have all just been closet right-wingers.

Hmm hmm, food for thought.

12 thoughts on “my political compass (we don’t HAVE a Lord!)

  1. Compared to the American political system, you are “really” left. How do you judge yourself to be not so left then, is it just that politicians in the US are more right-wing than the people, or is it compared to the average Diedrich’s person?
    All the self-identified libertarians I define liberty rather negatively, as in “keeping more of my own goddamn money” and “don’t bother me with society’s problems”.

  2. I’m considerably lefter and slightly more libertarian than you. I guess I want to smash class distinctions while simultaneously turning a tidy profit by smoking legalized weed and adopting children with my same-sex partner.

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