My outside scoop

ITEM! My powerbook’s battery compartment has failed, causing unwanted battery eject. It is gone for ~1 week.

ITEM! I hate the happy couples at D’s and the Napa, and elsewhere. Fuck y’all.

ITEM! I will likely eat more eggplant tonight.

ITEM! I want to kiss you right there.

Whatever with: The Matrix, birth months, and blogerati.

3 thoughts on “My outside scoop

    but… but…
    without the blogerati you won’t know what to think about the Matrix; or what kind of pseudo-astrological wish fulfillment you can derive from your birth month!
    The blogerati are our most important cultural icons. The hold the internet together. Pay attention, you!!!!
    Oh, right. That’s all nonsense.
    Sorry. Just got caught up in the hype.

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