Please incinerate the planet

IM from a friend:

I stumbled across the user profile for “A christian submissive dragon otherkin named Jessica.”

Dear Jessica:



The Primates

8 thoughts on “Please incinerate the planet

      1. Re: scaly, probably
        that’s nothing wrong with being a christian sub!
        and, you know, having a dragonic personality. and stuff.

        okay, i have to go weep now.

  1. Did I ever tell you the story about Angels, sex, Dinosaurs and there progeny dragons?
    also do to the impreciseness of English…
    could she be a dragon trapped in a human body that is submissive to Christians?
    assuming explains otherkin correctly

  2. My dear Wormwood
    If part of the whole point is that God made us in His image, then how can one reconcile Christianity with the belief that one inhabits the wrong body? Did God make some people in His image by mistake, or what?

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