My new camera is here to annoy you.

A photographic odyssey to Diedrichs revealed some questionable architectural improvements in the courtyard; a detail view shows that the entire side of this building is being held up with an automotive accessory.

Jed and Ken and I laughed at this.

Later I went to Ruba, where Brian looked a lot more like a 50s icon than the horrifying art behind him did.

I went home to my adorable girlfriend.

4 thoughts on “My new camera is here to annoy you.

    1. Space time
      actually they do exist but on an alternate reality thread. What you will notice is that when you return none of this will have happened and all the players/places will be exactly as you left them. Tricky bit is to get them to re-play the things that happened on the alternate strand because the influence of another party could send the dynamic spiraling chaotically out of control.


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