20 thoughts on “Halloween in the OC

  1. We walked home from the magazine store today, and I was pleased to see that the houses throughout the residential neighbourhood were actually preparing to greet CHILDREN for halloween. YAY! All is not lost, I guess.

      1. Well, it makes sense. Everything from frogs’ legs to rabbits taste like chicken. KFC will never run out of potential ingredients at this rate.

      2. Oddly, about 20 minutes ago I got a call from my sweetie in California, who decided to get dinner at a KFC tonight, and was told “It’s only fair to warn you, we’re completely out of chicken.” Well of course they are! Who’d expect chicken at a KFC?
        People in Arroyo Grande, California had better keep an eye on their babies, frog legs and rabbits tonight… 🙂

    1. It’s 7:13 and I’ve now had…oh, I’m gonna say 50, 60 kids at my door stealing my hard-earned candy and fearing my eeeeevil pomeranian who’s dressed as Lucifer. I’m doing my part to rot the teeth of the next generation.
      And I’ve completely resisted the urge to put on a Cramps record instead of the Haunted Mansion soundtrack. For the moment.

      1. PAPA MM MOW MOW
        Living in an apartment with no kids, we get… no kids coming to visit. Una would probably like it, though. She loves babies and small children especially, because they are covered in food. I have a bad habit of eating all the candy before the day arrives and then buying more every day until it actually gets here.
        Dressing as Lux Interior with vinyl pants, deep throating a mic… it definitely has a “you’ll need therapy in ten years because of this, kid” vibe going. I like it!

      2. Re: PAPA MM MOW MOW
        If I dressed as Lux, just the leather pants and deep-throating that mic, I would be promptly arrested. Think I’d better stick with my Ivy costume… =)
        I actually had to run out two hours ago and buy more candy for that very reason. Halloween is kind of a bad time to go on a diet, really…
        Yeah, the apartment thing….we finally bought a house, and in a poor neighborhood, so we get tons of kids looking waifish and hungry, so I end up being waaaaay too generous. They come back two, three times, walk away going “that lady didn’t recognize us! let’s go back again!”

      3. Re: PAPA MM MOW MOW
        The arresting part is when you/I/we put the mike in our leather pants and do the Watusi I think.
        I am very generous with candy; as a borderline diabetic I feel the need to get rid of that shit promptly. yo.

      4. Re: PAPA MM MOW MOW
        My sweetie is, as well, so I have to distribute the candy else it gets eaten leading to bad, bad things. Or I have to eat it myself leading to big, big thighs. Oops! Too late!

      5. Re: PAPA MM MOW MOW
        Oh, um, yeah, that would be pretty damned entertaining, sez I. Many photographs would end up on the internet. Later, when I run for congress, I could pretend they were photoshopped. But you and I would know the whole sordid truth.

      6. Well yeah…
        …same with me and leather pants. I make a great ghost though!
        I am jealous of your enhousedness. Real estate here is way too expensive, such that I doubt we will ever actually have a place where I can paint the walls with impunity. Not that I don’t cause enough damage to our place as it is, but I feel sort of guilty about it. “Sorry about the hole in the wall, but I was trying to run a line from my gamecube to the bedroom so I could play Kirby while prone…”

      7. Re: Well yeah…
        Don’t be too jealous, we’re in the process of moving to California where we can afford…maybe…a Winnebago with four flat tires? Fixer uppers are, like, $300,000 at best. That’s only, maybe, 3 times our price range. The move may turn out not to be such a brilliant plan, really. I love my house. Grew up in a trailer, graduated to apartments. A house to me is like a mansion in Beverly Hills. Minus the Clampetts and Jack Osbourne strung-out and puking on my lawn gnomes.

      8. Yeah, um, so did I, eventually. The kids and their parents really loved “I was a teenage werewolf” and “Zombie Dance” and “I’m Cramped”. Ok, actually they ran away, but that’s more candy for me! I’m gonna be Ivy every year….

      9. Is Ivy a Perennial Then ?
        Hey, your journal/icon is pretty cool. I’ve friended you as the inevitable result.
        Also, I recommend Tino’s Halloween Dub for the Samhain soundtrack.

      10. Re: Is Ivy a Perennial Then ?
        Thanks! I have reciprocated in kind, not out of any sick sense of obligation but just ’cause I enjoyed yours as well, and your taste in music is just outstanding by the way. Says me. =)

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