So Cal Fires Drinking Game

Newsbunny in fireman outfit: Drink 1 shot and unbutton pants. If pants are already unbuttoned, rebutton them.

Homeowner saying “It was so green and now it’s all gone” or equivalent: Drink 1 shot

Newscaster saying over helicopter footage “That’s a lot of fire”: Drink 2 shots.

Fire captain saying “This is a large and dangerous fire”: Drink 1 shot and recite the Pledge of Allegiance. If you mess up during the Pledge, you must take another shot and start over.

Newscaster saying “These are beautiful/expensive homes”: Drink 1 shot and pour 1 shot on a piece of furniture.

Person being interviewed about animal evacuation: The cat must drink 1 shot.

Person in SUV sobbing: Drink 1 shot and sing “Amazing Grace”.

Newscaster saying “This fire is very hot”: pour 1 shot on your knee and ignite it.

NOTE: If your actual house ignites during the game, drink the entire bottle and evacuate.

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