Well, I guess he won’t fry anyway


But he’s not seeing the Sun any time soon.

It still freaks me out tremendously that I met someone who did something that horrible. Also. Dude. Lose the Hitler mustache when on trial for murder.


Looks like he wants to go find the “real killers”, too!

5 thoughts on “Well, I guess he won’t fry anyway

  1. “Sellinger asked for mercy, noting Jarvis had no significant criminal record, and citing his high IQ, love for his family and designation as an Eagle Scout at 17. Sellinger said Jarvis wasn’t as bad a person as most killers.”
    This is quite possibly the most pathetic defense I have ever heard. “Sure, he committed an atrocious crime, but he was an Eagle Scout!” Also, isn’t your wife part of your family, or did I miss a memo?

    Never mind the Gasoline-Filled condoms…
    You listening to the POP-O-PIES?
    Hey they’ve got an anthlogy out 1984 – 1993.
    It rocks!!!! Got a bunch of pix in there to. You can buy it off their web site and the dough will sure to be going to the band not some slimey-ass record company.
    Used to be one in the same with Faith No More before 1985.
    A couple of the Mr. Bungle guys played in the band in the 90s too.
    Thier vinyl is outta print. you should hit their website

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