8 thoughts on “In your heart you know he’s right

  1. Holy crap
    All I can imagine is the people in the building behind the facade going ARRGH NO SUN HURR HJALP!, and possibly having to wear sunglasses all day long when the thing starts shining. It looks ghastly. I liked the rose made out of broken plates though.
    My question remains: what is it supposed to be a building for, are they serious, and HURRRRR!

  2. i just am all for anything forward thinking that breaks free from the opressive conformity that is Orange County and think that a little innovation and abstraction are a good thing.

  3. All ugly, all the time.
    The exception is the thing in Spain which is only attractive when filmed of photographed in very creative ways. Maybe interesting is a better word.
    Blah, I’ve got coffee to drink.

  4. nah, I vote yes on the space prop. My worst criticism is that Gehry is just repeating himself with another alien-silvery-pillow exterior, but the interior redeems it. It is sort of strange to have this autumnnal concert hall enclosed by a quicksilver biomorph.

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