Whatever happened to ice cream parlors?

Swensen’s is now a franchise owned by http://www.yogenfruz.com/ who apparently owns all ice cream everywhere.

Someone went and found out a lot about the fate of Farrell’s. The Selective Service thing is interesting. Happy birthday to YOU, soldier.

I miss ice cream parlors. It was a neat part of my childhood. Now they just have places where you can buy ice cream and sit on a small hard plastic seat. Not the same.

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  1. There is an ice cream parlor near where I work that is pretty authentic from what I have heard. The story is that it was founded in 1920 and then in the 50’s the owner died and the legal status of the property was tied up until relatively recently. When they opened it back up it was basically in the exact condition it was in in the 50’s and they have kept it that way. It is pretty cool.
    This is a shitty description but you get the idea.

  2. I really miss them, too. I always wanted to try the really big amazing specialty dishes, but being broke, usually had to go for a soda or something. And I enjoyed that too. =) Stand up milkshake mixers made of metal and not plastic. Metal malted cups with condensation dripping off the side. Shooting paper off the straws across the room at the waitress.
    There’s a little place that opened up down broadway that *looks* from the outside like a soda shoppe. I may go look to find out.

  3. Ziggy Piggy! Ziggy Piggy!
    Sadly, between the time that page was last updated (2000) and the present, Farrell’s no longer exists in Portland (according to the Mapquest yellow pages). And here I was, getting psyched up and ready to go.

    1. Re: Ziggy Piggy! Ziggy Piggy!
      November 2001:
      Original Farrell’s ice cream parlor gives way to condo project
      The original, and one of the last, Farrell’s ice cream parlors has closed its doors.
      Chuck and Laurie Tardiff, owners of what for the last 15 years has been known as The Original Portland Ice Cream Parlor, recently sold the building and its land in the inner northeast area of Portland, Ore., to a development group for $2.1 million. The restaurant and ice cream parlor closed early this month, and will make way for a $25 million condominium project.

  4. the toppings are also cursed
    there are a few places in the bay area that claim to sell Farrell’s ice cream. i used to go to Swensen’s all the time when i was a kid; i loved going there for lunch with my grandparents and getting bubble gum ice cream for dessert. the last few times i was out by their place i looked for that old Swensen’s, but it’s gone.
    another popular one out here – and in Hawaii – is Mitchell’s.
    now i want ice cream, dammit.

  5. Boston, supposedly the largest ice cream market in North America, has lots of ice cream parlors, including some of the old-fashioned metal-milkshake-cups variety.

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