6 thoughts on “Compare and contrast:

  1. Ha ha ha ha ha
    Now I’m waiting for the guy who goes swimming with the white sharks off the Farallon Islands, cageless and legs a-danglin’, to get good and bit. Hopefully while someone’s filming him.
    “Wild animals are your playful cuddly friends! You should keep them in your apartment and romp with them in their territories! Yay!”

  2. Dumbass is right. People who need to think of animals as humans in order to appreciate them should be in therapy, not a wildlife preserve. I agree with the Amazon reviewer who predicted Treadwell’s death by mauling years ago — this wasn’t a man who loved bears, this was a drug addict with a death wish. And because of him, two bears and a woman who trusted in his expertise are dead. Nice one, fuckstick.

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