It tastes like burning

I didn’t think it was possible to make a burger entirely out of salt, but Red Robin has achieved this. Water, please senor, before I die.

This mall is weird. There are lots of carts, many of them selling technology from 1991 like a fudged up pingpong video game and customized childrens CD’s. Lots of deranged specialty stores like the build your own teddy bear place, too. Very Simpsons. Everyone here is rich and brittle and dumb; Fellini meets “Clueless”.

Welcome to the arnoldiverse.

5 thoughts on “It tastes like burning

  1. What mall?
    And at Red Robin it’s not just the burgers that are saltastic, it’s the REFILLABLE fries.
    Isn’t it amazing, free refills on fries?!!!!!
    You should’ve gotton the tuna steak sandwich. Surprisingly salt free.

  2. actually I went by the Hard Rock after work and had a burger that was made entirely out of shit ( was not good!) ..the only thing worse than rich brittle and dumb is rich brittle dumb and registered to vote…

  3. Chili’s
    has a similar burger, something they call the Chipotle Burger, aka the Peyote Burger of Thirsty Vomiting Hallucinatory Fun. It is primarily made of caked MSG, and unless you’re trying to become completely dessicated and mummified, it is to be avoided at all costs. Much like Chili’s itself.

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