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Who knows a slick and easy way to extract audio from flash files?

I have a load of flash files that are basically audio only, but I want to have them in other formats like AIFF or MP3. How can I slurp out the audio easily?

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  1. If you have Quicktime Pro, you can do it. There are also plenty of 3rd party shareware dealies that do it, but sound quality tends to suffer. Also, if the swf is in Flash 6 format, it’s entirely possible that it’s stuck there and will not unstick.
    Depending on how many files you have, I’d be happy to take a crack at ’em.

  2. 1) As I understand it, you can decompile a Flash file. I have never had to do this, since the “strings” command has been sufficient for all my reverse-engineering needs.
    2) On a Mac, you can snag Audio Hijack Pro. This basically sits between an application and the audio drivers and slurps up any audio from that app, saving it as AIFF or MP3 (with a bunch of options for quality and number of channels and filters). I use it all the time for converting the proprietary Audible file format to something the rest of the world uses. Be warned that their mono AIFF outformat is a little odd and lame doesn’t like it, so I have to load it into Audacity, then export as WAV for lame to be happy and not turn my stuff to static.

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