List for no reason

1. Goat Gouda owns me.

2. My cat insists on moving her food bowl around a bit with a paw before eating. She then puts some food on the floor and eats it before moving on to the full bowl.

3. People who ask you “What’s up?” twice in the same conversation are not listening to you.

4. The teenagers across the street play electric guitar too late into the night with their window open. thank GOD they have pretty good taste in music.

5. We did 5 on Friday.

6. I really like the Chinese eggplants, you know the long light purple ones?

7. Help me. An evil robot from the future is about to become my governor.

8. I forgot what 8 was for.

5 thoughts on “List for no reason

  1. everything everything everything everything
    My old cat used to do that paw thing. Except she sometimes didn’t move to the full bowl — she actually laid down on the floor, scooped out a bit of food, ate it with her paw, and did that again and again, like a slacker eating chips on the couch.


    1. Re: everything everything everything everything
      Ellis used to grab a mouthful of food, dump it next to his bowl, and eat it off the floor. After watching this a few times, I bought him a bigger food dish and the behavior ceased.


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