I call this photo essay “duelling jerks”

1. I’m such a jerk, that I’ll disguise my inability to drive my huge truck by using two spaces, thereby embarrassing my girlfriend horribly.

2. I’m such a jerk, and possibly so drunk, that I’m going to park my late-model high-end BMW luxury sedan in two spaces, including the handicap space!”

Guy #1 was classic bro dude, angry white male with apologetic-looking woman. Guy #2 was tired, probably drunk old man.

Edit: fixed image links. Thanks, tuliphead!

4 thoughts on “I call this photo essay “duelling jerks”

  1. While I realize the license plate, 4SFEDV8, probably means “force-fed V8,” my l33+ 5p33k kicked in and all I could see at first was “ass-feed V8.”

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