They are SEMINAL!

Hilarious dream last night, mostly about a rock band. They were one of those bands that rock nerds know about. Old guys, had started out in the early sixties. They had a rough, almost metallic sound with lots of surf and a bit of country. They’d survived over the years because a few famous people had covered their songs. Most recently they’d been in a Coen Brothers movie. Everyone who was anyone would go to their shows, which were legendary for their antics. They always wore suits and shaved their heads, and frequently wore white cowboy hats. Everyone knew one song of theirs, the “hit”, but if you were into them you weren’t supposed to like it. During certain songs the audience was supposed to do special things, like sing along to one verse or hold up one hand. There was one guy in the band who could play any instrument.

I woke up giggling. It was a complete Nick Hornby-style sendup of the Legendary Hipster Band that record store clerks like. If you combined NRBQ, the Kinks, Link Wray, and Big Star you’d have them. This is what the Spinal Tap/Folksmen crew should do next, dammit.

2 thoughts on “They are SEMINAL!

  1. YES
    Dammit, that’s great ! Other things that will sweeten the package:

    Members(s) show up anonymously at James Brown recording sessions in the late 60s.
    Great lost proto-electronica album from 1965, produced with Joe Meek.

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