4 thoughts on “T SPIGOT

  1. i noticed that the other day, and it made me very, very sad.
    he also took down all the images/subdirs, so you can’t cheat and go directly to where you may have known the stuff to exist.
    but no, i have no idea. helpful, aren’t i?

      1. Re: temporary archive
        woah, someone woke up on the awesome side of the bed today.
        thank you, mysterious bringer of good fortune.

      2. Re: temporary archive
        Hey, I have a mirror of leisure town set up on my site. Not from the the file that was posted to your lj. Mine, however, is incomplete as it was made the day that Tristan replaced the main page with the “Thank you, goodnight” page. However, the rest of the site is there (see link above).
        Do you have the tarball that was posted to you’re lj anywhere still?

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