A night well spent

A very good evening at pbd‘s house for the how swarming. Pasta, cheese, bread, wine, and pie. Everyone was nice and smart, good conversation had for several hours. I should have brought my digital camera because all the women were very beautiful, and I could make everyone on the Internet jealous of my cute friends.

My BEER! CHEESE! BREAD! was a great hit which makes me happy. the_silent_one and Bethya collaborated on a rather excellent sauce for the pasta.

They’ve got a very nice house.

Tomorrow it’s up at oh dark 30 for work, because I’m on FOOTBA’AL duty. Despite the fact that science! means I can do my entire job from a Starbucks with a Palm Pilot, I have to physically be in the office because of stupid.

Parties always make me feel lonesome afterwards. I wish I could find someone to go out with.

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