Good MORNING. I am at work. I am at work because, although I can do my job remotely, I have to be here because of peoples’ “comfort level”.

My own comfort level is fucking ZERO because the people who can actually fix things are at home doing bonghits or sleeping and not answering the phone, and I am the “point of contact”. This means that I keep getting harassed/paged/sobbed at by people who can’t use the broken crap that Captain Cannabis and the All-Night Vodka Patrol wrote.

So basically I’m here being a pissed-off secretary for a lot of partying 20somethings who are at home having sex and drugs and ignoring their jobs.

You know, there isn’t any waiting period for shotguns.

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  1. On the plus side, sheer white-hot hatred for the whole human race makes you funnier. “Captain Cannabis and the All-Night Vodka Patrol” cracks me up.

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