s a t u r d a y, night.

I got KIDN OF DRUBK last night and tripped and fell on my own carpet and skinned my knee. I haven’t skinned my knee for over 10 years.

Tomorrow I am going to a combo 30th/60th birthday party for a friend and her mother. Neither one of them likes birthdays very much, nor decade birthdays particularly. I shall be so diplomatic you can’t even see me.

Oops, I submitted this entry too soon. Finishing it now.

I’ve been reading Veronica Geng again. She is the funniest of all the New Yorker satirists. I wish she hadn’t died young. Such an ear for cant, shilltalk, and bullshit that woman had. “Love Trouble”, her collected works, is highly recommended.

Tonight’s question is: What causes a man in his late 20s to go to a local coffeehouse and perform classic rock, 90s top-40, and miscellaneous crappy covers on guitar and vocal? What does he think he is doing? Why can’t he hear himself singing off-key? WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND COVERS MATCHBOX 20?

bruisedhips was there. She’s so pretty they oughta name a drink after her.

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