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Went to Disneyland tonight. the_silent_one got a pig. She really liked her pig. She was honking her pig a lot.

The new Winnie-the-Pooh ride is the most drugged out thing since Sid & Marty Krofft. It has to be seen to be believed. I think my favorite bit was the animal with birthday candle coming out of his head, burning, and googling eyes, rocking back and forth as other animals watered his burning candle head.

I dunno what made Pooh have that dream, but “honey” doesn’t cover it. Also, the store at the end of the ride does not sell honey. In any form.

The new Disneyland ride is basically a dumbed-down Mr. Toad. You go through some cardboard cutouts in a little car, like a carnie ride. That’s the level of innovation they’ve sunk to. I still like having the pass and going there frequently, but if I was the out-of-towner who just dropped something in the mid three figures for a day there with the kids, I’d be disappointed nowadays.

Quote of the week, from realitylost:

“That’s why I broke up with my boyfriend. I just wasn’t getting enough exercise!”

Disneyland was a pretty good place to be for “talk like a pirate day”, anyway. Lots of pirate stuff there, of just the right cheesy kind.

Snow White’s Castle was all roped off with people keeping you away. I wonder if the portcullis fell on someone, and if so, what form do they have to fill out?

3 thoughts on “Back to Westworld

  1. Not quite Main Street, not quite Fantasyland
    Form 27b/6: accidental dismemberment between Lands
    It really sucks when someone gets injured between different lands because each Land tries to prove it is not in their jurisdiction or problem.

  2. Imagineering sinking to new lows…
    I agree totally that the Winnie-the-poo ride is.. well, poo. They ripped out Country Bear Jamboree for that?
    And the words of Marion Knott echo through my head.. “we should have kept the stupid bear ride.” Of course, that ride had some humor, and was well themed. Disney’s new “stupid bear ride” isn’t even that well done for a sit-and-gape attraction.
    It seems that Imagineering’s budget has been slashed after some of the major fiascos like Rocket Rods… or that tiny little experiment in alternative theme-park design called “Disney’s California Adventure”.
    The odd thing is, budget cuts and a lack of grand vision is exactly the sort of thing that’s killing these projects. What ever happened to grand design that lead to rides like Indiana Jones and Star Tours?
    Here’s to hoping that the Space Mountain remodel is worth the wait…

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