Holy glucose tolerance test, Batman

The Oregon Health Sciences University reports that a Starbucks “Grande Caramel Mocha” (12 ounces) contains 45 TEASPOONS OF SUGAR.

What the hey do they do, compress it? Supersaturate the solution in a freakin’ centrifuge?


11 thoughts on “Holy glucose tolerance test, Batman

  1. And then we cover it all with Rich Creamery Butter
    It’s probably the caramel that kicks it into the red zone. Yikes !
    The default amount of sugar that Dunkin’ Donuts puts into their coffee makes me wonder why they don’t just dole it out in syrup form.

  2. It’s just a little airborne! It’s still good!
    45 teaspoons of sugar still leaves a good 4.5 fluid ounces to put in things like coffee flavoring, chocolate flavoring, and water, whiner.

    1. Re: It’s just a little airborne! It’s still good!
      I just started taking ASL lessons this past Tuesday and now at long last I understand the relevance of your user icon.

      1. fingerspell THIS
        Any particular reason or just because? Either way, enjoy your new mode of communication.
        I’ve done almost nothing with ASL since 8th grade. As you can imagine, my knowledge has deteriorated by now into stumbling through the alphabet and a few simple words.

      2. Re: fingerspell THIS
        Well, ASL is the third-most commonly spoken language in the U.S., a fact that I find very interesting because the vast majority of hearing people almost never encounter it. I already know English, and Spanish kicked my ass in college, so I figured I might as well move on down the line. Plus I have always found ASL beautiful to watch, kind of like a dance with the hands. Finally, I am hoping that, being gestural, it will use a different part of my brain from other “foreign” languages and hence not kick my ass quite as thoroughly.
        In our first class we learned the names of the different boroughs in New York City. The sign for the Bronx is an x, the knuckle pressed into the temple and twisted from palm forward to palm down. It looks as if you are shooting yourself in the head with a letter of the alphabet. I wonder if this is a reflection of someone’s attitude toward the Bronx, or a false cognate.

      3. No way
        Third most commonly spoken language in the U.S.? That’s interesting and surprising. I hope you get everything you wanted and more from it.
        That Bronx sign is excellent! I’m going to have to remember that, as you never know when such information might be useful.

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