Fontana is a giant scrap heap of a town

The classic car show I went to with pbd today was fun. Lots of cool old cars maintained by cool old guys with gray ponytails & beards. It was 100,000,000 degrees. I drank three bottles of water at $3 apiece. The kids who work at the In-n-Out burger in hellish Fontana, CA are the best organized people in town and will not be in Fontana in five years.

There were lots of Men Who Look Like Kenny Rogers at the car show. Also lots of the scary big tall fat guys with shaved heads and blade sunglasses who have the muscle on the back of the head that constantly flexes.

pbd and I noted a couple as we left. They were both about 19 or 20. He had a shirt that said “PIMPIT”. They had a baby. I guess he pimped it all right. I wanted her to have a shirt that said “YOU BREAK IT YOU BOUGHT IT”. Dave suggested we start a company selling both shirts and call it “Cause ‘n’ Effect”.

I walked a lot. I bet I lost 40-200 lbs.

2 thoughts on “Fontana is a giant scrap heap of a town

  1. my company calls it Fontucky.
    mostly because the store that we once had there was shut down, because all the staff was having sex in the back room constantly. they had a roll-up pad for a bed and everything.

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