3 thoughts on “This should be fun

  1. Neater!
    That really sounds like fun to me. I’ve always wanted to go to the desert and See Stuff. I was just thinking about it last night, in fact. I was wondering if there’s a Herriman tour, or something, that would show you the places he drew and stuff. Hrm. Anyway, you will have to take a ton of photos for me. =)

    1. Re: Neater!
      Just to continue on a tangential, yet related, path, I picked up the 1925/26 and 1927/28 Krazy and Ignatz collections on sale the other day.
      Also, I should have mentioned this before, but neat icon!

      1. Re: Neater!
        Thanks! It’s a character from Suikoden 2, one of my favourite RPGs. =)
        I got a couple of the krazy/ignatz collections too… I cannot wait for more.

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