Reasons why I am a southern californian forever

* I drive by a line of eucalyptus trees and smile because I know that there was an orange grove there once, and that was the windbrake.

* When I arrive at a party, the first 15 minutes of conversation are about how we all got there, and how the traffic was

* I wear Vans shoes frequently even though I never was a very good skateboarder

* I’m used to smelling jasmine flowers at night.

* I can always find my way around if I can see the mountains and I know where the sea is.

* If the temperature is not 70 degrees F I feel a need to complain

* I know about snow, sure! There is snow at the mountains. In the winter you can “go to see the snow”!

* I expect people who look Asian to speak perfect english and say “dude” a lot, and I’m surprised when they turn out to be from actual East Asian countries.

* Although I don’t care about money at all I can have a 30 minute conversation about real estate prices

* I do not own a suit

5 thoughts on “Reasons why I am a southern californian forever

  1. I am a Bostonian.
    * can always find my way around, even when the streets are arranged in concentric circles and the traffic pattern changes every week to accommodate new construction
    * can mentally superimpose subway map on top of road map
    * can drive confidently through a foot of snow without necessarily being able to see through windshield
    * typically seen in boots and long-sleeved shirts, even in the months commonly referred to as “summer”
    * when I arrive at a party, the first 15 minutes of conversation are about where we all managed to find parking, and how much it will cost
    * able to laugh at outrageous real estate prices, despite having overpaid for my overpriced house
    * own a suit (more than one, actually), gloves, scarves, hats, and a giant foam Bruins bear-head

  2. Vancouver
    * I know I’m downtown because I am no longer surrounded by trees.
    * When I arrive at a party the first 5 minutes of conversation are about the state of our bandwidth.
    * I wear Daytons even though I don’t work a factory floor or rope cattle.
    * I’m used to smelling pine and the sea night or day.
    * I can always find my way around if I can see the mountains and I know where the sea is.
    * If the temperature goes above 20 or below 0 degrees C I feel a need to complain.
    * I know about snow, sure! There is snow at the mountains. All year round you can go see the snow. Half the year there’s even enough to ski on.
    * I expect nearly half the people I meet to be Asian and I think that’s a pretty cool way to run a city.
    * I rent.
    * I own a suit but it only gets brought out for job interviews and funerals.
    * I don’t own a car.

  3. I am also a Southern Californian
    * I can give directions in just numbers (5, 2, 55, 2, 405, 2, 10, 2, 1 Irvine to Santa Monica.)
    *Miles mean nothing to distance, distance is all time based.
    *One of my fondest memories is walking through Orange Groves while the Oranges are blossuming during a light Santa Ana wind with a full moon.
    *I accept that North and South is posted on freeways, although it is often easier to think of East West.
    *I know the beach Is really South not West of me.

  4. reasons I am a Northwesterner forever, but stuck in Southern California for the extended moment.
    * I think that ‘not raining that much’ means an average of one out of every three days
    * I didn’t get my license until I was 23, and I didn’t NEED my license until california (and then cali dmv issued it to me illegally, heh)
    * I-5 (no, not THE 5) is two lanes in some areas where I’m from.
    * I-5 is the only freeway I ever knew for the first 18 years of my life.
    * Where I come from, you know that you’re entering a city because the trees become more sparse, not because you see a big sign that says “ENTERING ANAHEIM”
    * “The Pacific” is warmer than the air in the wintertime. Thus, polar bear swims are do-able.
    * Wind is supposed to be able to knock you down, not throw dirt in your face.
    * I still say “how are you?” and expect a real answer, and to be heard (I kid you not, someone asked me this last week and I told them “I’ve been better.” she responded with “Good. I’m doing fine too”)
    * pop, hand trucks, kitty corner, tabs. not soda, dollies, catty corner, or tags.
    * I refuse to throw away my sweaters. Because I believe that somewhere, someday, I’ll actually be cold in the wintertime.
    * driving 80-90 miles and/or spending two to three hours in traffic is a weekend trip, not a daily commute.
    * a death on the highway is traumatic, not a daily occurrance on the freeway nearest you.
    * I’m really not polite and knowledgeable, despite what my customers think and say. I’m just not rude and ignorant like the rest of the people they deal with every day in California.
    (p.s. I loved this post, it brought such a huge smile to my face :))

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