pee know gree gee oh

Had dinner with the_silent_one last night at Garduno’s on 17th. The food was ok, although we both agreed that it was too American and not Italian enough. I had spaghetti carbonara and a glass of Pinot Grigio. I managed to spill half a glass of her chianti on her and she was really nice about it.

Then a long blab session at D’s with genericus. Red Faced Bible Mike was once again there. He has now died his hair dark and is cultivating a goatee, in what appears to be an attempt to become a youth pastor.

At Garduno’s there was an old gent with a t-shirt that said “Taxation Equals Slavery” on the front and a series of quotes from Ayn Rand and the Founding Fathers against taxation on the back.

genericus told us about a friend of his who liked getting high but was way too busy in law school to do so. He therefore got high on nitrous because it was a quick cooldown. This gave me yet another brilliant marketing idea: alcoholic beverages that are chemically engineered to eliminate quickly, for about a 30 minute buzz. Possible names for them are: Jack Daniels Thoroughbred; Absolut Rush; Captain Morgan’s Clipper Ship; and Zippybrau.

It was nice to see bruisedhips at D’s, if only briefly.

7 thoughts on “pee know gree gee oh

  1. By really nice do you mean “beat you over the head with a brick as soon as you got outside?” Cause she’s done that to me about thirteen times and all I did was touch her napkin.

  2. BriefBeer
    You need to invent this. Beer that takes only 20 – 30 minutes to eliminate from the system. This would be brilliant and it would be funny too. Get it? Brief as in quick, brief as in, what I spent a third of my waking hours today writing. I could have a beer hang out for half an hour and then go write another one. Go now! Invent!

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