6 thoughts on “quizwhore 2003

  1. this reminded me of a song i keep hearing on the noggin channel. it’s really fantastically horrible, and it’s about not wanting to go to school and “i don’t need to read billy shakespeare”, etc. and at some point this girl says something about TEACHERS being paid a lot of money, and she says “money money woo! lotsa money money woo!” and it really makes me want to claw my fucking eyes out/box my own ears. but that quiz result reminded me of that music video, yes.

  2. i were dreamin and thunk up the same thing only funnier i think it were called ‘what live journal stereotype are you?’ and you’d end up with something like “cranky dude,” or “person with no life who pretends her cat is keeping this journal” or “world leader,” “too cute chick with many quiz links,” etc.

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