“Chief” wasn’t there, though

Of the maybe ten people on the Diedrichs patio tonight, at least 3 were visibly mad.

Red-Faced Bible Mike was lecturing one of his usual pals (Beard & Glasses) about the Rapture, the Coming Evil World Government, and the usual paranoid stuff a little bit too loud, with a younger acolyte and a couple of 19 year old girls chiming in. He got louder and I moved to the other edge of the patio.

There I sat near Crazy Chain-Smoking Armenian Lady who never stops talking to herself. Near me was a rough and rumpled 50something gentleman who obviously has spent too much time outside. He was furiously reading a paperback book that he held about 2“ from his face in total darkness.

Although I had to leave my coffee and the summer night, I was almost glad about an hour ago when I got paged to fix stuff for work.

One thought on ““Chief” wasn’t there, though

  1. wow… when you put it that way it makes it seem like d’s is filled with a bunch of freakin psychos.
    oh wait, it is….
    sorry dude… i musta missed ya… i was there a little while this evening… early though…

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