I’ll take the bathtub full of ice too

As Bob Trout once said about a similar gathering of people: “I’ll be there all right. I’ll be there with five gallons of fucking gas and some duct tape!”


It’s the old Who’s Who scam with a new twist. You’re important! You have been selected as an important blogger! You can be together with other important people for only $500! And who knows. If this thing goes big, you could end up on the MONEY TRUCK.

Every dot-com marketing shit who didn’t get on that money truck in time before. Roomfuls of aging digerati wearing Those Glasses and exchanging buzzwords. An entirely misplaced sense of importance. A thin, cracking veneer of respectable, socially responsible “community”.

We’re a meme! We’re viral! We’re the blogosphere! We’re cutting-edge! We’re digerati!

No. You’re just greedy, self-important assholes.

9 thoughts on “I’ll take the bathtub full of ice too

      1. Re: Viral
        substitute: sign me up for the tub full of ice too.
        marm0t: dammit! I wish I had thought of using that for a user pic!

  1. I’m beginning to think that Bob needs his own journal a la HeMan. Accident Bob could show up occasionally as a sidekick.
    Hey! They could SOLVE CRIMES!

      1. HE’s an aging veteran with a felonious past!
        HE’s an accident-prone motorcycle mechanic with a crippled hand!
        They fight crime!

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