Burned all my notebooks. What good are notebooks?

I had my first experience with diabetes education today, and it wasn’t as bad as I had expected actually. First of all the nurse was smart and well-organized, and presented the science bits well. There was dumbing down (“the fight or flight hormones are stronger than the insulin so it can’t work right”) but not too much of it. The K.I.S.S. rule was followed.

The device for measuring blood sugar is from an apparently clued-in outfit who provide a simple and effective device. They also provide lots of interesting geek tools for managing your body’s performance stats, including a customized Handspring device, a web interface for storing info, and a PC interface cable. For the last of these they’ve released the data format so that you can just buy the cable and roll your own software if you want. I applaud this!

The only real negative from today’s experience was the psychological part of the class, which was so dumb as to be offensive. Lots of office-lady humor, humiliating simplification and patronizing garbage. I bit my tongue a lot, reminding myself that I didn’t have to buy into the dreadful Kewpie-doll mentality as long as I paid attention to the science stuff and the good advice and the useful procedures for avoiding doom.

Plus I tricked myself into buying a new Palm device. ::go to wait by mailbox::

6 thoughts on “Burned all my notebooks. What good are notebooks?

      1. Yeah, but based on the picture it looks like the medical unit is basically a thing that plugs into the (now obsolete) expansion slot, so you kind of get forced down that path whether you like it or not.

      2. just to clarify
        I got a Tungsten, not their palm device. I just wanted a palm device, and I’ll ust it for that purpose, just not with their setup. Maybe I’ll write my own software! 🙂

      3. Re: just to clarify
        Dude! You need to get whatever the Basic interpreter is for that thing, then consult the latest Phrack. You can be a 1337 haxor like all the other script kiddies with their nmap implementation in Basic. It goes something like this:
        $host = {thing from form field}
        $lowip = {thing from form field}
        $highip = {thing from form field}
        for $i = $lowup to $highip step 1
        if connect($host, $i) then print “Connected on port $i”
        next $i
        You’ll show those IDS systems who’s the boss with your mad-phat port strobe skillzzz. Or something.

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