9 thoughts on “PLEASE PARK HEAD IN ONLY.

  1. I don’t do this regularly, but in the few times I have been tempted to do so, it would have potentially made it easier to get out. I mean, say it’s fairly empty when I’m parking but I know there’s going to be nasty traffic when I leave.. backing out could be a bitch. But that’s about it.

  2. I think some people do it because they find it easier to park the car nice and straight.
    Another possibility might be that they think it will be easier to see when they are pulling out… so they won’t back into the path of a moving vehicle or small child.
    This secind one reminds me of my neighbor. I had parked by her house, and when I went to leave in my van, I pulled in front of her driveway to put myself in a better position to make the U-turn that I needed. Well, while waiting for traffic to subside, my neighbor SLOWLY backed into the side of the TunnelHustler. She had to be moving REALLY slowly to have not put a dent in my flimsy sidepanel. When I hopped out to assess any damage, she asked me why I had pulled in front of her. Umm… I told her that I had been sitting there, and she followed by saying “well I don’t look until I get into traffic”. Children and strollers BEWARE!!! Anyhow, by the look of the bumper on her “less than a year old” car, she apparently used her bumper like the old “curb finders” that you used to see.

  3. I am a very infrequent driver — I don’t even have a valid license right now. I’ve never even considered “fronting” in, till now.
    Maybe driving instructors reason this way:
    If you are a good driver, you end up perfectly parallel to the curb. But most people suck at parallel parking. If Joe Average fronts in, the car is likely to be pointing slightly towards the curb.
    This would make fronting out harder. So either you shimmy around a lot in the space, OR, you will be tempted to back out into traffic, which is total suicide.
    In the normal post-backing-in case, the car is slightly pointed out towards the street. When you leave, it’s easy to check the traffic behind you before a quick turn of the wheel and a “front” out.

  4. I noticed this happening in Korea much more frequently than here. This may be related to another thing I saw there, which was a parking lot so full that all spaces were taken, and most non-spaces were taken, such that my partner and I were pushing cars around, literally, to make a new space to park in.
    They don’t put the parking brake on there.

  5. Are you talking backing into a space that’s ended by a curb, or driving through to the far parking space in a lot? I do the latter pretty frequently; the former, never. I blame lazyness.

  6. I blame Young Drivers of Canada
    I went to driving school to learn to drive, and I did whatever they did without question, because wtf do I know about driving? Nothin’. =) If someone said “hey, that’s stupid because of all these reasons”, I’d probably stop… but no one ever did. Now I just don’t drive.

  7. I have a window screen thingie that stops the car from turning into an oven. It goes in the front window. The back window is about 2x the size of the front window. The front of the car faces west. 🙂

  8. For the record I voted SAMS.
    As a massive truck driver, it is often much easier for us to back into parking spaces esp. in confined spaces. Sometimes it is easier to back in and the pull striaght out then 5 point turn and get the rear end in. now that I think about it it is always easier in my truck to back in, I park front in cuz my daddy did it… ( in big trucks the rear wheels are like pivot points when you back in, makeing the parking geometry much easier)

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