So, at one point I was an 18-year-old honor student with a lot of energy, knowledge beyond my years, and an endless future of success in front of me.

Then I sneezed.

And then, poof I’m an old fat bald depressed chronically ill guy, with a dead-end career, an increasingly poor medical prognosis, and a rapidly shrinking social circle. Sitting alone in the patio of a coffeehouse and living in his old bedroom back at his family’s house. Waiting to die.

The lesson here is obvious: Kids, don’t sneeze.

14 thoughts on “Achoo.

  1. Dude, call or email me. I’m always game to hang out and junk. And at least you have a career. I’m a 20 something freshman at Devry with no job living with dad and I drive a Firebird.
    GO ME!

      1. Don’t get me wrong dude, I love the Bird. It’s just the idea that right now I’m somewhere between a high school junior and a midlife crisis.

  2. i would say the lesson was more along the lines of don’t be an honor student, but eh… i’ll be you in a couple years anyway so i suppose school doesn’t matter much.
    anytime you want a crazy chick and her kid around for coffee you just let me know…

  3. That was me too, until I skipped school cause I thought on my birthday school was a stupid idea! Now i’m a loser and I can’t find a job. Yay us!

  4. it’s not too late to do anything about it 🙂
    but hey, you’re not alone. i’m rapidly approaching my middle age and can’t do any better than a shitty $12/hr job, have a chronic bone disease, and no health insurance. how’s that for self-esteem?
    hugs. at least you’re trying to take care of yourself. things will change. hang in there.

  5. Btw… Josh really liked hanging out with you and is going to try to get down here with Jon this week to hang at the coffee shop. Figured we could try and get Genericus too or something. Geekfest! More details as I, or possibly Jon, get them.

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