Hi, Bob.

People who don’t know Bob in person ask me what he looks like. So, I snapped a shot of him and Mary today. I’m going to post some Bob stories on contentgoeshere this week, I think. I’m supposed to go visit him up at his house in Wildomar soon.

13 thoughts on “Hi, Bob.

  1. Both sets of eyes closed! Score!
    She seems to have cleaned him up a tad. Granted, he was one of the cleanest men who lived out of his car I’ve ever seen.
    I’m trying to remember an obligatory Bob quote uttered in my presence, but it’s just too early. It’ll come.


  2. Bob rocks
    Every time I’m reminded, or see Bob, I silently wish he had been my father. Well, maybe an uncle, yeah… Uncle Bob.


  3. Best Bob story:
    “Bag of Blow….. two crack whores…. hotel room…. Teflon bullets…. sledge hammer…. that’s true love right there!”
    I have plenty of people that will tell you that this is a normal Bob story.
    Other favorite lines include:
    “I don’t remember puking… I remember DRIVING and the Jersey tunnel turned into a giant worm!”
    “You know when you’re making crack…? Well, when you’re making crack…”
    “Chist! She’s like a poodle on crack!”
    “First thing you have to do is beat a gaurd as close to death as you can so you can have solitary!”
    Bob is truely the scarriest person I know, but at the same time he is the first person you would trust to watch your baby for you if you had to leave.
    Bob is great!


  4. Bob the Counselor
    My favorite Bob quote, I think I heard from friendly bandit, was when a acquaintance of Bob came up to him and asked, “Bob, do you think I am an alcoholic?” Bob responded,”If you are set on fire, do you run up to someone and ask, ‘Hey, am I on fire?'”.
    The most valuable phone number in my cell phone is Bob’s. He told me, after he gave me his number, “Now, if the shit really hits the fan, DUI, cops, handcuffs, bar fight, drugs on dash, you give me a call and I will be there in a half an hour.” Sure this was a few years ago, but Bob doesn’t change when it comes to statements like that.
    He’s not dead right, because we are talking like he is dead. Conrad, I think that you need to have a survey on what to put on Bob’s tombstone.


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