Entertainment Tonight

There is a POSTER for “THE OC” on a PHONE POLE outside my HOUSE right NOW!!!1! YOW!!!

I guess they figure we’ll all watch it because it “takes place” here.

3 thoughts on “Entertainment Tonight

  1. As confused as I was by the posters all over a chunk of the nicer sections of the east side, I was even more amazed to see them paired with a poster for ‘The Grind’, which appears to be a teenage sex romp passed off as a skating movie.

  2. And the Tag line for “The OC” is Like nothing you have ever seen.. well apparently It look snothing like OC as it is all shot up in Redondo and Malibu… Other famous OC movies… “The Chase” with Charlie Sheen.. well it was the 405 freeway, just up in LA county, and Henry Rollins as a Newport Beach Cop… Huntington maybe… Orange County… apparently no shot in that movie was filmed in OC. (some info and the rollins ref cribbed from the LA times)

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