My Kanadian Kommute in Southern California today:

1) On the radio, Dan Aykroyd screaming “I love my COUNTRY! I love my FLAG!” at some shindig in Toronto.

2) A car in front of me on the freeway with a bumper sticker that was made to look like a strip of film, with the Canadian flag crossed out and “GOT WORK?” on it. Someone is pissed about all that filming up north.

3) I was cut off by a guy in a big silver Mercedes SL 500… with Québec plates.

4 thoughts on “O CANADA

  1. a few weeks ago i went to the movies and i parked next to a car with canadian license plates and then when we got in the movie there were these three people in front of us and one of them said something and then said “eh” at the end of it so i KNEW they were the canadian license plate car people next to my car and so my friend and i waited to see if they would come and get into that car and then they did and i said “so you’re canadian eh?” because that’s how people talk in canada so i wanted to make them feel welcome and then they said “yeah, eh”.
    (that story was actually 100% true up to the part where i said “and then they did”.)

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