To sleep, perchance to AUUUUUUGH

Tonight’s dream inventory:

  1. The Matrix movies turn out to be a Scientology plot. They’re heavily promoted by the L. Ron crowd and turn people into killer zombies. I’m shooting the zombies with a variety of semiautomatic handguns, many of which are in poor repair and keep jamming. Also, I’m deeply frustrated by the 10-round limitation on magazines which is a big drag when 20 zombies are coming at you through a narrow doorway.

  2. The cat disappears but I find her two blocks away hanging out with my mom, who is remodeling a neighbor’s house. The cat leaps all the way up onto my shoulder even though I’m on a bike, and yowls insistently to be taken home, where she immediately runs for her litter box.

  3. Work-related nightmare involving Akamai Edge Server Includes output caching page assembly failure, lots of angry bosses. All takes place inexplicably at an outdoor BBQ.

  4. I miss brienigma and meta_kate‘s going away party because I’ve been in the Le Mans race, which was on the 405 Freeway in Costa Mesa. They’re really mad, and so is everyone else, and I can’t even apologize because no one’s cellphone works.

Despite all this I had a good night’s sleep.

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